Some people may find the concept of doing your own mechanical work quite daunting! You really don't need to be worried! Suzuki 4x4s are all very easy to work on even for an absolute beginner!

For instance, when I got my first SJ 12 years ago, I knew nothing about cars (except how much it costs when they break!). Now, I've done multiple engine swaps, suspension conversions, made my own exhausts...

I started off by doing easy things, like changing brake pads and shoes. You don't really even need a proper set of tools to do jobs like that!

Many people I know who have bought SJs have ended up getting rid of them again,
purely because they can't be bothered to pick up a spanner.
My attitude is, once you have done something once it will be much easier the next time!!!

Recommended Tools for a DIY Mechanic

Firstly you will be needing a spanner and socket set. You may think that you will need an expensive set, like Snap-On or Blue Point, but you really don't! A home DIY mechanic can get along nicely with a halfords own brand tool kit.

I have 2 toolkits. One of them I got from Screw Fix. They don't sell it any more but it's a bit like this one, except in a metal toolbox:

You get quite a good selection of tools for the money there!
My second set, I got from Halfords, it has most of the same sockets in, but was only £50. They probably won't all come in the same kit, but key spanner sizes to get are:

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm (x2), 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm (rarely used)

Sockets you will get a whole range of sizes, but they ones you want are mostly the same as the sizes above!

The next thing you will need is a trolley jack and axle stands. My original trolley jack is just a cheapy Halfords one again. Its only a 2 tonne jack, but it's easily good enough for most Suzukis!
I think I paid £30 for it quite a while ago.

You really, really should get some axle stands.
It isn't safe at all to be working under a car just supported by a jack

A wheel brace comes in handy a lot! Personally I prefer the extendable type, as they are compact for storage, and when extended can give very good leverage for undoing tight bolts!

A metal bar is a very useful think to have around the workshop. Ideally you want a metal bar that is long enough to give good leverage, and also one that is hollow, and the correct size to fit over the end of your socket wrench. This way, you will find it much easier to get difficult nuts and bolts undone!

You will also need screwdrivers, wire cutters and pliers. These are at their most handy when you are doing electrical work, but there's always a use for them! Try to get regular pliers, AND needle nose pliers as well

For wiring and electrical, get yourself a crimp tool! Properly crimped connectors will make your wiring much more robust, and you will save yourself from problems in the long run!
A multimeter or voltmeter can be expensive sometimes, but it's a very worthwhile investment!

I think that's the main tools you will need to get started working on your Suzuk. Just remember, if you have problems with anything or are stuck for ideas, you can always visit our forum to ask for tips or advise!

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