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The Suzuki SJ is an amazingly capable vehicle. Although there comes a time when modifications are needed to emphasize its already impressive credentials. You may just find that your Suzuki is missing them creature comforts you have grown accustomed to in this modern way of life we lead, such as CD players and central locking. Or you may just want that added security of an alarm. Either way on this page there are many links to different jobs that can be carried out on your Suzuki ranging from the basic to the slightly more in depth.

Please remember safety is paramount. If you are unsure get professional advice. We are not working on your Suzuki we therefore take no responsibility for the work carried out on them. These write-ups are guides only, and may need adapting for your individual needs! Above all use your common sense, if it looks dangerous, you question your own work, question whether it is safe or not or question if it is legal for use on the highway get it checked by a professional mechanic before driving it either on or off road. And remember all modifications should be declared to your insurance company otherwise it could breach your insurance terms and conditions rendering it null and void.

Unfortunately some of the pictures from the older write ups below have been lost. If you were the original author of the article, or have pictures that can go with the text please get in contact

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