As the years roll on, and age takes it's toll on the SJ, everything ages and wears. Sooner or later you will be faced with a leaking oil seal. Luckily this is a a fairly easy D.I.Y. job, requiring only one specialised tool - a large 27mm spanner.

Start by making sure that the handbrake is on, and chock the rear wheels. Then jack up the front of your SJ and support it on axles stands (raising the car is not absolutely necessary, but it gives you more room to work).

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - Replacing Transfer Box Seal

How to do it...

The next step is to loosen the four bolts holding the front prop shaft onto the transfer box flange. If the shaft is rusted into place, tap it gently with a hammer until it loosens. Once the shaft is loose pull it back slightly, lower the end, and allow it to hang freely.

The flange is held tightly in place by a large 27mm nut. The nut is locked in place on the shaft. Once this nut has been loosened, you will be able to remove the flange. The oil seal should now be visible. The seal can now be hooked out with a screwdriver. Do not scratch or damage any of the surfaces.

Coat the new oil seal lightly with a bit of grease, and carefully press it into place. Re-assemble everything, and punch the edge of the large nut to lock it in place.

While everything has been stripped and in pieces, it may be worth it ti apply some grease to the universal joint nipples.

Always keep safety in mind, and support the vehicle on a stand.

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