If you want to smarten up your brake calipers corroding and stop them corroding, then you will want to give them a coat of paint.
Painting your brake pads really improves the looks of your vehicle.
It will also stop the brake pads from corroding quickly, especially if you tend to drive off- road a lot.

Caution:- When painting your brake fittings, be sure to use a good quality heat resisant paint.

You will need:-
-Brake caliper paint.
-Jack and stands.
-Copper grease.

Getting started...

Park on a level surface and raise the front of the vehicle using the jack, and place it on the stands for safety.
Remove the front wheels. Clean the caliper, removing all the dirt, oil and rust from it and then dry it thoroughly. You might as well clean the inside of the wheel and to check the inside of the tyre for wear.

Make sure the caliper is dry before painting. Mask all the rubber seals, the brake pipe, the brake disk and the brake pads. Paint the caliper with two coats of brake caliper paint. This will make the colour flat. Allow 15 to 20 minutes drying time between coats.

Once the painting is done and dry, put a small amount of copper grease on the inside of the wheel and on the wheel nuts before re-fitting the wheel back onto the hub.
This will make it easier to remove the wheel in future.

Lower the car, replace both of the front wheels and tighten all nuts to the recommended torque of 90 to 100Nm.

Remember safety ...

Always make sure that it is safe to work on a vehicle prior to starting. Make sure that the vehicle has been rendered immobile, and is therefore unable to move.
Use wheel chocs if necessary, and always use jack stands when working on a raised vehicle.

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