I had a choice here with this mod. Was I to build an extension for my workshop, or replace my sills which were sort of not there. Well it didn't take much to decide, as you will see.

I had some 4.5" mild steel tube which was to be used for the supports for the workshop. I got a price for the sills and at £28 they seemed a bit on the dear side. In the future i was planning on doing a roll cage with rock sliders.

The steel tubes I used were cut to 153cm to suit my LWB then for it to taper in at each end I cut the bottom to 146cm, even cuts at both ends. I found this difficult as it being round tube. Now all I had to do is cap of the ends. All I had was 10mm thick plate. Well with already having cut the old sills off, I had to use this. A bit thick but does the job.

Cutting out the old sills ...

The sills were cut just below the door edge, and along the bottom edge of the inner sill, there is another piece inside. I dont know what this is for as there wasnt much of it left.

This needs cutting as far up as poss to fit the tube. Here they are in position ready for welding.

I did a full run of weld down both sides, just to make sure. When all welded up I finished off with body filler to just neaten it.

This mod has taken me a full weekend to make them. It's made a good bit of difference and should do the job well. They're realy solid and will have jacking points soon for a high lift jack.

Article credits ...

This article was written by Wayne Ollerenshaw, also known as "Wolly" on the Forum.

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