New carpets are not something that you would fit every day. But occaisionally it is necessary to replace old carpets. Here we show you how to do this.

There are a number of reasons why a new carpet needs to be fitted. It may be that the carpet is old and worn, or it may be that it has been damaged beyond repair. You may even decide that it is now time for a change and need to match up the carpet with the new paint job. Whatever the reason, it is not that difficult to make your own carpets for your car.

-Tools and other items you may need:-
-The carpet (of course)
-Stanley or craft knife
-Contact adhesive
-Adhesive applicator
-Paper for template

Buying the new carpets...

First decide whether you will be installing original manufacturers carpets, in which case purchase them from a Suzuki dealer, or whether you are going to be adventurous and make your own. Here we will be making our own front driver side carpet, although the principle is the same for any carpet section.

The carpet chosen in this instance was manufactured by 'Heckmondwicke', and is the colour Anthracite from their Iron Duke range. I have chosen this carpet as it matches closely with the original carpet in my car.

Cutting the pattern ...

Here we have two options. Perhaps you are lucky and have the old carpet which can be used as a template to cut the new carpet. If not, then you will have to make a template yourself.

If you are lucky, you may have the old carpet which can be used as a template to cut the new carpet. If not, then you will have to make a template yourself using a large sheet of paper.

Take a sheet of paper that is large enough to fit the selected area. Hold it in place and draw around the outer edges of where the carpet will end. Cut along these lines and then use the paper as a template. If you are using a paper template, it is advisable to cut the carpet about ½" or 12mm larger than the paper pattern. This will ensure that the carpet is larger that the area where it is to be fitted, and it can therefore be trimmed to the exact size. It is better to wasted a small amount of carppeting than having to throw away a large piece because it is too small to fit.

If you have an existing carpet, it is much easier. Use this piece of carpet as the pemplate, draw the shape onto the new carpet, and cut the new piece to the exact size.

Fitting the carpets ...

Once the carpet has been cut to size, and fits properly, it is time to secure it in place. The exact fixing method will depend on where the carpet is to be placed. If it is a floor mat, size and gravity will be sufficient to hold it in place, but if it is a side carpet, you will have to use glue, or attach it to the soft metal clips installed in the SJ for this purpose.

As the carpet that I have replaced is a side section, I will be gluing the carpet in places, and using the speaker and cover, to hold it more securely.
When using the contact adhesive, follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. Once the glue has been applied, and the carpet fitted, replace any trim items, and the job is complete.

New carpet after installation, but prior to final glueing

Now that you are done, put the tools away, and take your SJ for a drive, while languishing in the knowledge of a job well done.

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