Many of the Suzuki SJ410 and SJ413 convertible soft top cars driving on the UK roads now days have had the original soft top replaced with an aftermarket canopy style hard top.

While these hard tops may provide added security, they can be awkward or inconvenient to remove. Many SJ owners toy with the idea of reverting back to the original style soft top, but are not sure what is needed, or how to go about fitting a soft top.

Equipment ...

To do the mod, you will need some original equipment. This can usually be obtained from a Breaker's yard, main dealer, or the ever popular Internet auction site.

1 / soft top hood
1 / roof hoop
2 / mounting brackets and fittings
2 / side channels
1 / windscreen channel
8 / M6x10 posi-pan head screws
8 / Self tapping screws
4 / M6x40 posi-pan head screws

Fitting the bits ...

Take off your canopy style hardtop and put it away safely. Start by fitting the windscreen channel to the top of the windscreen with the eight self tapping screws. Next fit the two side channels to the rear of the "B" pillars using four M6x10 posi-pan head screws per side.

Join the mounting brackets to the roof hoop with the "U" channel fittings, and then fit them to the body of the SJ with the four M6x40 posi-pan head screws.

Once everything is assembled and fitted, it should look like the picture on the left.

That's all there is to it. All you need to do now is fit the soft top roof and away you go.




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