Emergency Get-Started Fix

be warned, this is not really a very good way of starting your car and make 100% sure you're out of gear! -

take off the small wire from the starter solenoid and bridge the terminal it came off to the solenoid terminal with the chunky cable going to the battery positive terminal.
Use a screwdriver or similar, preferably with a plastic handle... ive never had a shock from this myself but it doesn't hurt to take precautions!

it will probably spark when you make contact so be careful! 
if this starts it no problem it would probably be worth doing the clicky starter fix


Clicky Starter Fix

you need:

> 30a relay (4 or 5 pin)
> 30a rated wire
> fuse holder (waterproof is best) and (surprise surprise) a 30a fuse
> crimp connectors (rings and female spades)
> crimp tool
> a screw or a bolt
> drill and suitable size bit

1. pick somewhere to mount your relay, drill a hole and attach it... I usually use the bar that goes from the front of the wheel arch (inside the engine bay) to the back of the headlight. probably best to make a new hole and not use the existing hole for the head/side light earth wires.

2. take the small wire off the starter and attach it to pin 85 on the relay (pin numbers marked on the relay plastic). you may have to change the connector to a spade, if it is a ring

3. wire from pin 86 to an earth point (i usually use the hole i mounted it to)

4. now you should be able to test the relay, if you turn the key to the start position, the relay should make a clicking sound

5. connect your fuse holder to the battery positive terminal, then use a length of wire and connect it to pin 30 on the relay

6. now connect pin 87 to the small connector on the starter motor and insert your 30a fuse

Now when you turn the key to the start position, the relay will click and connect power directly from the battery into the starter. This should fix your clicking starter, and you can do it for less than a tenner! :)

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