Ever wanted a cheap, simple, and effective way to immobilise your Suzuki SJ410 or SJ413? It can be as easy as using a hidden switch and a relay.

Mounting and connecting the switch ...

Decide on where switch will be hidden, making sure there is enough space behind the switch for the wires. Solder two different coloured wires on to the switch. These wires must be long enough so that they can be connected to the ignition switch wires under the steering column, and the realy that will be used to supply power to the coil.

Mount the relay securely in the engine bay. Connect the Black / Green wire that is attached to the + (positive) terminal of the coil to pin "30" on the relay. Attach the wire from pin "87" of the relay to the + (positive) terminal of the coil. Earth pin "85" of the relay to the chassis. Now connect one of the wires running from the hidden switch to pin "86" of the relay.

At this stage the engine will still turn over if cranked, but should not start as there is no power to the ignition coil.

Finally you need to connect the other switch wire to the accessory wire leading from the ignition switch under the steering cover.

Switch alternatives ...

As an alternative, the hidden switch can be substituted with a ¼" phono socket and jack. If you use the phono jack, the socket need not be hidden, and can be in plain sight.

1/4" phono jack                         1/4" chassis mount phono socket 

The phono jack must be opend, and the two internal connections must be joined to form a short circuit. The two wires you would have connected to the switch are soldered to the pins of the phono socket instead. Attach the phono jack to your keys via a short chain, and plug it into the phono jack to complete the circuit. This will trigger the relay (same as the switch) allowing you to start your engine.


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