One of the best improvements you can make to an early model Suzuki SJ is to re-locate the rear fog light that is currently mounted underneath the rear bumper. This will improve the departure angle of the SJ, and allow the vehicle to exit a steeper incline without damage to the fog-light.

Another alternative is to use a late model Suzuki SJ rear lights, that have the fog lights built into the housing. Some re-wiring will be necessary to get the fog lights to work in the new light cluster. Either way, it will definitely be much more practical and cheaper than continually replacing damaged fog lights.

-Philips screwdriver
-Flat screwdriver
-Masking Tape
-Tape measure
-Pencil or marking pen
-Drill bits
-Jig saw
-Metal smoothing file
-Soldering iron
-Wire cutters
-Rubber grommet
-Plastic PVC insulating tape

Getting down to work ...

Re-locating the rear fog light is not a difficult job, but does involve cutting a large hole in the tail gate of you Suzuki SJ. This may seem excessive, but if done properly, the results will be well worth the effort. Start by removoing the old rear fog light - if it's still there of course. Open it up, and give it a thorough cleaning, and test it to make sure that it is still in working condition. Do not re-assemble thit just yet.

Using masking tape, cover the general area on the tailgate where you would like to fit the fog light. Now, measure the tailgate to get the legal distances away from the brake lights etc, and mark this spot. Place the outer cover of the fog light on the mark, and trace around the fog light. Open the tailgate and carefully remove the rear trim from the inside
of the tailgate.

Now drill a hole in the corner of the section to be cut out. This hole must be large enough to accept the blade of the jig saw. Insert the jig saw blade and carefully cut on the inside of the line. Once the opening has been cut, smooth off all the sharp edges, and fit the light. You may need to enlarge the hole slightly with the file in order to get a perfect fit.

Re-route the foglamp wires to the rear door. It will probably be easier and neater to strap the wires to the cable that prevents the door from opening too wide. Secure the light, and connect the wires. Remember that when you run a wire through a hole in the metal bodywork, to ensure that a rubber grommet is fitted to avoid and undue chafing.

Regulations ...

Make sure that any modifications you make to your vehicle adhere to the vehicle test regulations, and that you modification is within the Legal specifications for the country in which you live.

According to UK regulations, the rear fog light must be on the off-side of the car centreline and no closer than 10cm (4") to the rear brake light. It must also be visible at an angle of 20 ° either side of the car centre line.


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